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  Troubled Blues for Modern Times

words, music, images © 2013, 2014, 2015

iamchello inc, House Rules

all lyrics © iamchello

all rights reserved


October Again

Why’d you come down to the edge of the river

Down by the old house in the woods

Eyes of the evening

Voices of winter

Wondering what

You’re doing here

Is it the lights from Montgomery highway

Is it the darkness that led you here

Animal instinct

Human compulsion

Demons and angels

Go unrecognized

Are you looking for something

That will never be found

How deep is the water

How shallow the ground

Are these leaves now my pillow

Is this road now my home

Out here in the silence

I am not alone

Why’d you come down to the edge of the river

Down by the old house in the woods

Animal instinct

Human compulsion

Wondering what

You’re doing here

Have I found in the water

Something I could not see

With each wave another new reflection of me

Will these moments of searching ever come to an end

Have I traveled through winter

Only to find October again?

Wait til the light of dawn




The Lyric:

act 1


Feel the nearness of the sound

the moment that it comes around

I listen to it

i listen to it

here's to the miracles, the rhythms, the thrills,

here's to the lyric, where the love stood still

here's to the winner of the race

into the unknown unknown

act 2 


ooh baby where you stand

you got the eyes behind my purpose

when i play together with the band

you got the moves while i rehearse this


i heard a singer on the radio

he said you never know

but even so

you say, you still want it all

but sometimes a little

is just enough

but sometimes a little

is a little too much


we're alright

act 3


will i give in to the fear

or will i overcome

ride the lions in the stadium

then walk out into the mid-day sun

say hey to the the world to come

then I'll find a way I'm

gonna get back home

listen to the kind of blue I'm on

step back out into the great unknown

come out feeling harder

we feel a little hotter


step out in the world now


we're all strangers in this town

we're all strangers in this town

Love is standing still

Love is standing still

To you who are humble

To you who are weary

To you who are searching

You, for the glory

To you who will weep

To you who will shout aloud

Underneath those prayers

Are whispers, that are callin’ out

To you who have seen

Too much with young eyes

To you who have felt

The damage of lies

To you who are blinded

To you who are steel

To you who are iron

And will not bend your will

You who are fragile

You who holding blame

You who have given, yourselves, up

To a lesser name

To you who have felt it

Deep inside of your bones

The intimate raging

Of something called home

Love is standing still

Love is standing still

It’s a delicate balance, yeah

It’s a furious waltz

It’s an elegant stampede

Of the reasons you run

and the reasons you’re stuck

It’s a head on collision

And its busy on the boardwalk tonight

People are seeing things,

in a different light

the neon attractions

the carnival song

the hope of seduction

and the fear it’ll last too long

while the young girls get stolen

while the merchants get proud

the silence is screaming

and the violence is loud

if many the hours

spent avoiding the gaze

the lasting momentum

of this self-inflicted haze

the baby’s are burning

and the children grow tough

in the rush toward the ending

is it never enough?

for the want of being satisfied

by such empty things

which brought down the palaces

and hung high the kings

strung up the kings

in all of the madness

and all the disease

under  all of the worry

when down on your knees

whether you got it wicked

or whether you got it well

there’s one more number in line

‘til you’re under the spell

so don’t miss the moment,

as it slips on through

the fingers that you’re pointing

to keep them off you

Love is standing still

Love is standing still

Workin’ on the Pickup

I tried to do it

I couldn’t do it

I tried to run but I couldn’t go on

I tried to say it

I couldn’t say it

I couldn’t leave here if I tried


I feel like I could go again

You ask me where,

But that’s not the question

I tried to pick it up

I couldn’t put it down

I couldn’t leave here if I tried

But I know that sometimes in life

things get a little crazy, and

you feel like you’re under a heart attack

But the only way to keep on believing

Is to keep standing

Til the heart fights back

You want it better,

You better hurry

We’re gonna know it

When it comes to town

Gotta do it

That’s why I do it

And baby I’m so happy that you’re around

I wanna stay

A long time

In this beautiful place